About the Vows

The Peace Committee of Virginia Mennonite Conference (VMC) invites you and your congregation to invigorate or refresh your pursuit of Jesus’ calling to be peacemakers in the path of obedient discipleship. Toward this end, we offer a solid Covenant of Christian Nonviolence for reflection, conversation and adoption by groups and individuals seeking to deepen their practices of peacemaking and witness. 
  • The goal of the Covenant is not to create a new church program or a new sub-group within our churches, but to create new opportunities and awareness in our hearts for the Spirit of Jesus to shine forth the light of the gospel in our lives, which is the peace of God’s Kingdom.    
  • The Covenant is not intended to be a checklist for achieving a status, but a set of spiritual exercises for seeking more intimate fellowship with God and peace with our neighbors, our own selves, and all creation.
  • This thick Covenant is rooted in the teaching of the Sermon on the Mount and the practical experience of peacemakers in past generations. 
  • For adolescents establishing their faith-identities, and adults seeking deeper faith, this Covenant can be a resource to visit again and again for clarifying Jesus’ call to the path of God’s Kingdom in the midst of a violent world.
May you find these vows fruitful in your discipleship journey, whether used in your own personal spiritual disciplines, with a spiritual director, or with your family, or in a small group, Sunday school or youth group! Peace of Christ be upon you. 

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